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Study Topics

The Society conducts religious study sessions at which time we study the origin and development of all religious practices, beliefs and philosophies, with emphasis on discovering and cataloging similarities and common elements. In our search for the truth it is necessary that we study many subjects in addition to religion. Listed below are some of the subjects we have studied.


Ancient African Religions


Ancient Egyptian Religions


Anthropology and Religion


Astrology and Religion


Astronomy and Religion


Babylonian Religion


Biology and Religion


Christianity, origin and development


Comparative Religion


Etymology and Religion


Freemasons and other secret societies


Freemason-Magi-Essene-Jesus connection


Geography and Religion


Geology and Religion






Hebrew Ancestry




History, Ancient and Primordial


Human Physiology and Religion


Judaism, origin and development






Parapsychology and Religion


The Apocrypha


The Bible, origin and development


The Essenes


The History of the Magi


The Pseudepigrapha


The Reformation






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