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     In early 1979, God Almighty revealed Itself to Danatus N. King. During that Divine Revelation, God bestowed Danatus N. King with a Divine Inspiration to deliver the message that God is Almighty (the "Message"). That Divine Inspiration was the beginning of, and is the foundation of, the ministry of Danatus N. King. The purpose of the ministry is to deliver the Message that God is Almighty. It is not the purpose of the ministry to convince anyone that the Message is true, false, good or bad. The purpose of the ministry is to deliver the Message. How the Message is received is in the hands of God.


     To enable the delivery of the Message, The Society of Knowledge, Inc. was founded. The Society was incorporated in New Orleans, Louisiana as an interdenominational 501(c)(3) religious organization in 1979. The Society was founded by a group of individuals from various religious backgrounds. Some were Baptists, some Catholics, some Christians, some of no recognized religion. The founders of The Society had various different religious beliefs. Although they came from different backgrounds and had different beliefs, there was one belief that they shared, one piece of knowledge they had in common. That was the knowledge that there is a being, no matter what name they may had been taught to call that being, by no matter what name they may had come to know that being, they knew there is a being that has not some of the power, not most of the power, but ALL of the power. The members of The Society know that there is indeed an Almighty Being.


     Eventually, The Society acquired a building to help in the delivery of the Message that God is Almighty. That building was used as a meeting place for people to come together to worship and fellowship. That building was named the Church of God Almighty. In approximately 2004, the building was sold. The Society also established a web site ( to help expand the delivery of the Message. In approximately 2003, The Society began a television program, The Messenger, that is also used to deliver the Message. The Messenger, now named The Message, is streamed around the world live via the Internet. On most Thursdays, 7:30 p.m. central time, viewers around the world can watch The Message live by visiting Viewers can visit  24 hours a day, seven days a week, and watch previously recorded episodes of The Message.

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